Emo-Somatic Therapy in the treatment of PTSD

In 2016 we ran a research study exploring Emo-Somatic Therapy (combining psychotherapy and craniosacral therapy) in the treatment of British military veterans with PTSD. We found it to be highly effective and having multiple benefits over and above simply PTSD symptom reduction.

We are currently planning a second study. If you would be interested in being considered, simply send an email to research@charlottecopeland.com.

Taking part will mean you will be able to experience course of EMo-Somatic therapy treatment, in return for completing a few simple questionaires during the course of your treatment. It is as simple as that.

The number of places are however limited.

Research Papers

For information on research papers relating to craniosacral therapy click here.

Remember that one generation's miracle may be another's scientific fact.

'Love, Medicine and Miracles' by Bernie Siegel M.D.